FAB-Cre8 is a multi-disciplinary research and enterprise group based in Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University.  Driven by an interest in emerging technologies, FAB-Cre8  works in conjunction with FabLab Cardiff  bringing together academics from across the university who engage in a range of  research projects working with digital fabrication processes, physical computing, IOT and material investigation applied to a broad range of art and design contexts.

Membership is open to Cardiff Met academic staff, research staff and technical staff who wish to engage in collaborative and interdisciplinary work, and / or participate in peer-support, mentoring and other developmental activities.

For information on current FAB-Cre8  supported projects click here.

For information on FAB-Cre8 researchers click here.

for further information on FabLab Cardiff click here   and for further information on school and its research activities click here.

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